Deep in your heart is the desire to be with the people you love dearly. Your happiness is always a shared happiness with your kids and husband. Research conducted in the US shows that all this can be shuttered when your family loses the ability to live in communion.


The word home or family should resonate with feelings of warmth, togetherness, and belonging. John A. Cuddeback, a philosophy professor and author of the book ‘True Friendship’ says that family should be the most reliable place when it comes to real personal intimacy.

Perhaps the real reason why studies are showing that most families are no longer living in communion is the fact that parents spend less hours at home with their kids, and when they do, don’t know how best to spend them.

Eat Together

If it’s really true that intimacy takes place in good family conversation, then you as a mom should consider bringing your family together, especially during meal times. John says that this is one of the most effective ways you can all live in communion and share experiences.

Share Moments

You may just have a few hours a day to be with your family. Cuddeback advices you look for a good time to connect with all members of your family, whether you decide taking a short vacation once in a while, or go swim on a Sunday afternoon.