Have you ever thought the main reason why women decide to call it quits? Well, research shows that the number one cause is communication issues and not infidelity – as you may have thought.

According to Nina Atwood of YourTango, lack of communication between couples tends to weaken the relationship, leading to onset of problems. It can lead to both parties deciding to call it quits, giving their children a hard time to cope with the situation.

Who Suffers Most After Divorce?

When asked who suffers most after divorce, Nina says that it’s more difficult on the side of women since, they do not do so well financially as compared to their partners.

According to top marriage therapists, many issues that are presented during couple’s sessions all narrow down to lack of communication. Those who come claiming that infidelity has rocked their marriage, the ultimate cause is agreed to be related to communication issues.

You are there and you love your family so much. You want your kids to grow seeing their parents happy and doing well. Dr, Susan Heitler, one of YourTango experts suggest that you try your best to work on your communication issues with your husband, if you are to avoid other related issues that may ultimately lead to divorce.