You do understand the intricate details of budgeting. You have read numerous books on the subject and have sworn off frivolous spending. You have even created a spreadsheet that indicates your budget for the next 6 months. Good for you! Now comes the daunting task of sticking to that budget. What to do now?
Keep in mind the big picture
The goal of having a budget is so to keep off debt and ensure a financially stable future. So keep your future in mind and think about how saving and being in control of your finances can help you get the life you desire.

Avoid the pitfalls

If online shopping or credit cards are your kryptonite when it comes to spending, ensure that you steer clear of them. Maybe you could cancel saved payment information on the online shops or stop carrying your credit cards around. Bottom line, set up barriers that will help curb you impulse purchases.

Pay with cash only

There is something restraining about using your hard-earned cash to pay for your own purchases. It makes you really think long and hard about the money you are handing out at the counter. This is quite unlike swiping the credit card where you don’t really feel the punch until a few weeks later when the bill arrives on your door. Try using cash to pay for your purchases and when you run out of cash, wait until the next budget to continue buying the things you need.

Reward yourself

A few occasional rewards will go a long way into ensuring that you achieve your financial goals. Think of a way you can reward yourself after sticking to your budget for say, a month -maybe a concert, night out with your pals or a small amount of cash for your own spending.
Bottom line, a budget should not be viewed as a prison cell that keeps you from spending your money. Rather, embrace it as an effective tool that will guarantee a better and richer future for your family.