Granted, job opportunities are slowly dwindling and if you are in the market for a new job, the competition can be stiff for the few available job offers. Regardless, this doesn’t call for you to misrepresent yourself in your resume. Find out which quasi-truths and downright lies are often told on resumes and what to do instead to boost your chances of getting the job.

Job titles

Some women embellish their job titles in order to get a senior position or increase their compensation. However, this tends to backfire, asserts Jennifer Greenberg, a placement advisor at Quantum, a top recruiting firm in New York City. For example if you are applying for a senior managing position while your resume claims that you were the director at your last place of employment, the job recruiter my think that you are overqualified for the position which squashes your opportunity. Moreover, if the company does a background check and discovers the truth, you will lose your credibility, making your chances at bagging any job more difficult.

Job duration

Stay at home mothers who were out of a job for a few months to take care of their family or mothers who were simply in and out of jobs, opt to list their duration of employment in years as opposed to months to hide the fact that they were unemployed for a few months or had multiple jobs over a period of time. While people who have been in a job are more marketable, this doesn’t mean you should slash your 7 month jobless stretch to 2 months just to cover it up. Just give a legitimate reason for your absence in the work scene. Moreover employers, more than anyone understand how tough the economy is on job seekers.


Some candidates whittle down years of experience so they won’t seem old while others tweak the degree dates so they don’t seem too young. Neither of these is of any help. While its illegal for a company to discriminate on the basis of age, ultimately they will chose a candidate that best suits their culture and there is nothing you can do about it. Just be yourself and present yourself in the best light.
‘Resume lies’ come with a hefty price. One, you stand to lose your job once the lie is uncovered. Two, your entire reputation can be tarnished, making it harder to secure another job. Be confident that your skills and achievements will get you the job.