You may be flying to your vacation but between the dry flight air and anxiety-induced skin breakouts, your skin is in for a bad ride. Find out common skin saboteurs and tricks to fix them.


Ever wonder why you look so refreshed and healthy when you board a plane and a hot mess once you alight? A reasonable explanation for this is that the air circulating in a plane is extremely dehydrating, says dermatologist and co-author of The Beauty Prescription, Debra Luftman. She suggests carrying a small water spray bottle to drizzle your skin before rubbing on a rich moisturizer. Do this at least once before, during and after the flight to seal in the moisture.


Public means of transport including planes, trains or buses are not exactly sanitary. And if you are not careful, bacteria can easily spread from your hands to your face causing infection or skin breakouts. To avoid this, carry wipes with you to clean your face, or the phone, the food tray or other things you might touch.

Hotel soaps

Steer clear of these. While it mostly depends on the hotel, most complimentary skin-care or beauty products offered by most hotels tend to be extremely perfumed which leads to skin breakouts and irritation, particularly for those with sensitive skins. Instead pack your own travel-size skin care bag.

Junk food

You will probably drink and eat more especially now that you are on vacation but that won’t fair well with your skin. Foods packed with refined sugar are strong oxidizers that hasten aging while meals rich in fat cause skin breakouts. So try and limit your consumption of sweets and instead load up on vegetables, fruits or salmon. And skip on strong liquor as it dehydrates skin.


Even if you are going on a skiing vacation this holiday, it’s important to carry your sunscreen. You are still exposed to sun rays during the winter months. Remember to moisturize every day and apply some SPF.
Changes in the climate have an effect on our skin’s natural moisture levels. While your skin can adjust to the new conditions, it’s important to take precautions and carry your own products to minimize the damage as you enjoy your travels.