You may have fantasized of how you are going to give your boss an earful of just how mean and lazy he was, but in your head is where such musings must remain. Whether you are living voluntarily or your boss is letting you go, how you handle this situation can have grave repercussions that will follow your career for many years down the line so here is what not to do to guard your professionalism.

Get too emotional

It can be devastating to lose your job and while you want to cry, scream at the top of your lungs or even try and beg for your job back, don’t do it. As hard as it may be try and forge a smile on your face, recommends career advisor, Cynthia Shapiro. However if you are having trouble holding back your tears, you can excuse yourself to the bathroom and come back when composed. You never know if you might want to work with this company again and it’s not worth ruining your professionalism over an emotional moment.


If you have worked for a company that has more than 20 employees chances are that you will be offered COBRA, a health insurance program that extends your coverage by 18 months. And most employees jump on this offer without realizing that it costs about 3 times more that an individual health policy asserts Shapiro. Instead you can discuss with your insurer on ways to get a cheaper individual policy or sign up to your spouse’s employer’s medical coverage.

Leave without a letter of recommendation

It’s important to secure a professional letter of recommendation or a personal note this way as you look for a job a few months or years down the line you can have people who will vouch for you, improving your chances at getting the job you want.

Leave your clients and colleagues high and dry

Ensure before you leave that you have trained a capable replacement and leave a memo with a list of clients, contacts, projects and other pending work so it can be handled in your absence.
Revenge might be the first thing that comes to mind when you are living a job but to safeguard your reputation and future career, follow this advice so you can end on a high professional note.