Oil has long been regarded as a pore-clogging and acne-causing nemesis. But the tide of such opinions is slowly changing. Experts agree that all skin types can greatly benefit from oil cleansers. Check out these 4 reasons to try out facial oils.

They cleanse thoroughly

Using oil to cleanse your face may seem counterintuitive but using a quality facial oil cleanser will effectively clear out any excess oil, makeup, pollutants or sunscreen from your skin and balance out the skin’s natural oil.

They make other beauty products work better

Oils, unlike creams (which are a mix of water and oil) sip into the deeper layers of your skin and act as a great carrier to deliver other essential skin care ingredients into your skin. Ensure that you apply some face oil before dabbing on your moisturizer so you can coax your skin into absorbing more products into the deeper layers of your skin and prompting better skin effects.

Help replenish essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are critical for maintaining healthy skin membranes and regulating hydration in all skin layers. They are referred to as ‘essential’ because our bodies don’t produce them and we have to get them from elsewhere. Facial oils that are packed with EFAs can make your skin supple, hydrated and less prone to damage.

Boost healing and repair

Inflammation is a big skin saboteur and a nemesis when it comes to aging. Extreme sun exposure, humid conditions, stress, bad diet and pollution are just but a few of the culprits of inflammation. Seed oils are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and create a lipid barrier that protects skin from external elements and boosts the skin’s self-regenerating process.
Just as you learned in chemistry, oil dissolves oil, using the right oils in the right way will help clear your pores off dirt, make up or bacteria and boost skin healing.